The Most Effective Confidence Building Training Programme,
Designed Specifically for Women.
New Year - New You
Are you Ready to Find Your Confidence?
2021 is hopefully the year we all come out of Hibernation, and we need to be ready.

Don't ice the cake before it's fully cooked!

Stepping into 2021 isn't like entering any previous New Year. The months ahead are no longer filled with carefully made plans.

We are all facing the unknown. 

Behaviours have changed, relationships have changed and the way we interact and do business has changed. 

Being cooped up in the security of our bubbles for so long has done more than place our lives on pause. Isolation has made us regress, finding comfort hibernating away from the public eye in the privacy, and solitude, of our own homes. When we eventually do step outside freely again, we aren’t carrying on from where we left off.  

Facing the world again won’t be easy.

Are you ready to go back into pressurised office meetings, to face large groups or deal with the numerous social gatherings as friends and family make up for so much lost time?

Life on the outside is going to be even more daunting than before, so I want to give you the knowledge, skills and capability to face, embrace and deal with whatever or whoever is making you anxious.

I want to help you make decisions based on what you WANT to do, not on what you are ABLE to do.

Most people are making New Year Resolutions to get fit or lose weight, but no matter how good you look on the outside, if you don’t have the inner confidence,  you are icing the cake before it's fully cooked, and no sugar coating will stop it from sinking inside.

I start with all the ingredients and work from the inside out so you not only learn what to do, but why.

With a maximum of 10 people per group, this is 9 weeks of clear, straightforward methods, that you can implement immediately, to see and feel immediate results. 

There is a lot of content to cover, but I make it, relatable, applicable, transferable and fun.

BUT you need to do this NOW, so you have time to prepare and be ready for when the doors are flung open. 

Take the first step to Finding Your Confidence.

You've watched me on YouTube, now talk to me in person, book a consultation call TODAY.
Confident people still feel anxious, but they believe they will be ok.
Learning to be more confident isn’t about eliminating anything fearful in your life, it’s about changing the way you think about it, and learning the skills and behaviours to convince yourself that you are far more capable than you ever believed.

Once you learn the right words to say, and how to speak your mind, without feeling foolish, you will be able to seek more opportunities, without worrying what people will think.

What do you fear ...?

Does the thought of entering a room full of new people, and having to start a conversation, instigate a series of unstoppable physiological reactions, that make you want to run away and hide?

Does the thought of being out of your comfort zone make you lie awake at night worrying? Does your internal dialogue repeat the mantra “I’d rather die than do that?”

Are you missing out on events and job opportunities as you get overlooked for promotion? Do you turn down offers and make yourself unavailable as you believe others are better than you?
The more reservations you have, the more you need this.
Whatever thoughts are currently going round your head, trust that you are not alone.

Many children are raised being told to sit down and be quiet, and are then expected to all of a sudden find their voice later in life.
You are not too old, too shy, too introverted or too insecure to be part of an intimate group of ladies who will soon become a part of your life. 

I don't want to change who you are, I want to change your mindset. People fear their beliefs, so we will look at your insecurities from different perspectives helping you to change "I can't to I can"

I will show you how the loudest people in the room are not the most confident, and how the ones sat on the outside looking in, are often the most secure.

I used to live my life believing that the more I did to keep others happy, the easier life would be and the more I would feel valued, but I was living my life for everyone, except myself. 

It wasn't until I was pushed to my limit, that I finally realised that something had to change, and I started a journey to Find MY Confidence. I left my job, ended a relationship, set up my own business and lived my life knowing that whatever happens, I will always be ok. 

Saying yes and always being available was physically and mentally draining, so learning how to make decisions without feeling guilty, not only made me happier, it also made me healthier. 

Sue Blackhurst

After studying Applied Psychology and Psychometric Testing, I have 24 years experience as Training Director, writing and delivering Psychology Based Training Programmes.

I have helped women deliver presentations, build better relationships, gain promotion, find new careers and manage engaging conversations in any social or professional setting. 

Join me as I show you how to turn your insecurities and self consciousness into positive self belief, finally turning your fear into freedom.

Don't just take my word for it ...

Amanda from Washington DC says ...

Thank you so very much, Sue. Taking your class was honestly one of the most liberating and empowering experiences of my life. I feel so different it's honestly hard to describe. There are so many lovely exciting things I'm actively pursuing right now that I wouldn't have ever tried without your program."

"I'll know I'll never lose this truly solid core self-belief. 'Paradigm shift' doesn't even begin to describe it. I'm so glad we're going to be able to keep in touch and that it isn't over, because aside from being an awesome teacher, you're just such a fabulous woman to know."
Ana from Portugal says ...

At the start of this year with lockdown, I started to think about my life, and the thoughts were not the best ones. I was alone and felt everyone was talking about me."  I found Sue and had an interview to join the group, I was very nervous, thinking the other ladies would all be more confident than me, but in fact, it was not like that and I was able to learn a lot from them all."

"I now understand how to deal with different personalities, how to answer them, how our body speaks before us and how to control our emotions in difficult times, When I came back to work, I noticed that my perspective changed significantly and I was not lonely anymore."   

"I have stopped being sad and no longer spend time crying. I have to thank Sue for these opportunities and all the ladies that were on this journey with me." 
Kay from Florence, Italy says ...

I came across Sue's YouTube videos by accident but I quickly discovered that she was a perceptive, empathic and motivational person, and I really enjoyed her profound insights into human behaviour. When she announced that she would be running an online course called 'Find Your Confidence' I was delighted and after a lovely chat online I joined the course. It was a very powerful and enlightening experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed and gained huge results. 

I feared it was 'too late' to change my essentially introverted character (I'm the hamster!), but I quickly discovered that it's never too late and as the small group shared our dreams, our goals and our problems we bonded and supported each other. Week by week we could see so many positive changes happening in our lives, reflected in our faces. We had a lot of fun and laughter as we supported each other through the more painful moments. 

Sue gave us powerful tools to use to overcome our problems and increase our self-respect and confidence, to be assertive without being aggressive. I can competely recommend the course. 

Don't Miss Out ...

Starting Monday 22nd February 2020, I will work directly with a maximum of 10 people in the group for 9 weeks, on live zoom calls. 

I will take you from fear and anxiety, to having the confidence to deal with anybody and any situation.

The course is full on, people laugh and people cry as they discover more about who they are and why they feel the way they do.

You will learn more about yourself than you ever knew before.

  • 2 hours of LIVE training per week for 9 weeks.
  • ​Fully personalised Behaviour Report and analysis.
  • ​Practical steps to complete after each session.
  • ​2 hour Live coaching and Q&A sessions each week.
  • Lifetime access to the members Facebook group.
  • ​Lifetime support from myself and group members.

If You ...  

  • ​Judge yourself negatively.
  • ​Hate the way you feel when faced with new people/situations.
  • ​Step out of the limelight to avoid having to joining in.
  • ​Miss out on group events or new opportunities.
  • ​Believe that people see you as foolish, weak or incapable.

Learn how to ..

  • ​Rethink what people say, keeping you in control of your thoughts.
  • ​Approach individuals and groups with ease and confidence,
  • ​Start, and make, engaging conversations with anyone. 
  • ​Interpret the behaviour of others to manage their actions.
  • ​Adapt your behaviour to create effective first impressions.

And Begin to ..

  • ​Step out of your comfort zone.
  • ​​Emit positive Non Verbal Communication.
  • ​Believe that no one is staring or laughing at you.
  • ​Join in and face challenges head on.
  • ​Believe that you are good enough.

So You Can ...

  • ​Communicate clearly in all situations.
  • ​Promote yourself as an expert.
  • ​Be resilient under pressure.
  • ​Accept invitations and opportunities.
  • ​Say what you think without feeling self conscious or foolish.
Why Now?

Are you ready to be released?
The caged lion
For those who thrive on freedom and dominance, Quarantine and Isolation have been physically and mentally challenging. When they are released back into the world, be prepared as they will be bigger and boulder than ever before.
the hibernating hamster
For those who have found security and comfort hiding away in the safety of their own homes, facing the outside world is going to be even more daunting and difficult than ever before.
Are YOU ready to face the Lions?
Applications now open.
The next programme starts on MONDAY FEBRUARY 22nd 19:00 GMT

There are a limited number of places to join the LIVE training sessions, where you will be able to share and discuss specific scenarios and receive the most personalised training and support.

In just 9 weeks you will think, feel and look more confident. 

There is a maximum of 10 people per group, and once all places are filled, the application process will close.
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